Bio-structural: From biological systems to structural prototypes

Joseph Lim is an Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture, School of Design Environment, National University of Singapore.

BIO-STRUCTURAL. ANALOGUES IN ARCHITECTURE  is a compilation of experiments made with a group of students, who works about to transform plants morphology and structures into a structural developments.

They selected monocotyledonous, dicotyledonous and aquatic plants to study it throughout three categories: vertical structures, folding structures and floating structures. They attempted to understand plant biology and search for structural patterns, to translate it into initial models, which will be transformed in structural models, using as references the experiments of Felix Candela, P. L. Nervi, Eduardo Torroja (Ferrocement constructions with forms rationalised by rigid shell systems and ribbing patterns modulated by a stiffening strategy analogous with natural shell structures), Robert Le Ricolais (Isotropy and material direction to develop rigid surface panels with high load to weight ratios), Frei Otto (Membrane fabrics, lattice, masted an tension systems)…



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