Verb Crisis

VERB  Architecture Boogazine is a series of journal editorial of the leading publisher of art and architecture, based in Barcelona, Actar, which arose with the intention of to give architectural response to a continual and unstoppable world change. 

VERB CRISIS focuses on conflicts between the boundaries of architecture and the need to address new challenges deriving from the explosion of new towns.  Is focus in projects strategies which operates within current economic an socials contingencies. Talk about  conflict and consensus, participation and control; Moves be from local to global issues, operating from small to large scale. Maintains an optimistic outlook facing to alarming situations.

They are tests that range from de Dubai’s model city, to the boom of the Madrid’s residence periphery, analyzing specifics projects from architects such as MVRDV, Jacobo García-Germán, FOA or Ecosistema Urbano, border urban models in Tijuana and San Diego, informal settlements in Iquine (Chile), expiration date of industrial urban models like Detroit.

The proposals address issues as emergency and experimentation, knowing that the architecture is a social trade which need that mixture of tension and changes to make a correction in perception and action models.


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