Building Revolution

The Russian Revolution of 1917, displaced de Tsarist autocracy, with Tsar Nicholas II as the last exponent, and under the strategic role of Lenin and the organizing role of Trotsky, replaced the bourgeois constitutional state provisionally established and its institutions to create the workers’ state, under the control of labors.  

Shabolova Radio Tower. Vladimir Shukhov. Image from

In this context, takes place a new visual context into a new created society based on socialist ideals. The 15 years that follows the Revolution took place an intense activity and innovation in arts and architecture, substantiated by the pure geometric forms.

Arte y Arquitectura en Rusia 1915-1935 is an exhibition of 230 models, drawings and photographs  that traces one of the most outstanding periods of art and architecture history, co-curated by the Royal Academy of Arts of London, “La Caixa”  foundation and Costakis SMCA Colletion in Thessalonica

El Lisitski, Popova, Rodchenko, Malecivh… adherents of Constructivism and Supermatism, promote an art of pure geometric shapes, based on the spatial representation of the flat surfaces and the possibilities of three-dimensionality.

Tood meet the needs of the new social order, the architects developes new types of buildings. highlighted in this exhibition, we can find Shabolova Radio Tower, designed by Vladimir Shukhov, the Monument to Third International by Vladimir Tatlin, or Rusakov Workers’ Club, designed by Konstantin Melnikov.

Monument to Third International. Vladimir Tatlin. Model, 1920.

Construir la Revolución. Arte y Arquitectura en Rusia 1915-1935

CaixaForum Madrid. Paseo del Prado, 36.

From May 25th to September 18th.

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